Maria Wæhrens and Rasmus Høj Mygind at JIR SANDEL


Artists: Maria Wæhrens, Rasmus Høj Mygind

Exhibition title: JIR SANDEL dining at Li’s with Maria Wæhrens, Rasmus Høj Mygind

Curated by: JIR SANDEL

Venue: JIR SANDEL, Copenhagen, Denmark

Date: July 1, 2019

Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and JIR SANDEL, Copenhagen

JIR SANDEL dining at Li’s with Maria Wæhrens and Rasmus Høj Mygind

“Simply to hang a painting on the wall and say that it’s art is dreadful. The whole network is important! Even spaghettini …” Martin Kippenberger, from One has to be able to take it! An interview with Jutta Koether.

Take a seat, whichever you prefer. Welcome to JIR SANDEL dining at Li’s: a series of arrangements that unite art, food and conversation. For each seating, two artists are invited to show one artwork each to a small number of invited guests from the arts scene. The event takes place in a former Chinese grill bar in Copenhagen – where Li cooks and serves delicious food to the guests and artists. The aim is to create an intimate way to experience and talk about art in a relaxed context far from the buzz of galleries, openings and art fairs. Yes, garlic and chili for the whole table, thanks!